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My life mission: To improve human productivity by bringing modern technology closer to our lives.

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Everyone, meet Tuanmon.

Hi! I’m a Product Growth Manager at Meta. I like making tech products, trying tech products, and sharing (great) tech products. is my digital home where you can find almost everything about me.


If you are a recruiter looking for an experienced PM, head over to My portfolio. If you are into product management and the tech industry, check out my Tech talk, where I publish articles every one or two months (English only). Love photography? Immerse yourself in Life through lens.

I also dedicate a large part of this blog for Many One Percents – my personal project to help Vietnamese college students and young professionals become more productive with tech. This section is written in pure fun edgy Vietnamese only (mixed with English sometimes). Head over to the main project page, I believe my blog posts can keep you busy for more than a month if you read every day! If you have a big ❤️ and want to support this project, drop a visit to my Support page (highly appreciate that!)

Credit to big bro @p.n.m.q for the amazing artwork above.