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The best hi-tech productivity tools and methodologies to help you excel at school, work and life. Hopefully at the same time.

The Untitled Project →The Untitled Project →

Everyone, meet Tuanmon.

I’m a Product Analyst at Holistics – a full-stack data platform and an official Tick Tick Ambassador. Trying different technology products feels good to me. Sharing about them feels awesome.

Drop me a line at hello@tuanmon.com!

About me

I am in love with the modern classic style. I use a Blackberry Classic. I listen to Love Poison No.9 by The Searchers. I prefer old-school texting/lettering to instant messaging.

Many One Percents (Previously The Untitled Project)

Where I share my knowledge and opinions about how technology can help us improve our personal productivity. All content is currently in Vietnamese. But I will translate them to English soon.

Life Through Lens

Where I share my perspective on the world through the lens of my Nikon D600, Canon 70D, 700D, and iPhone 8 Plus. All photos are retouched on Lightroom.
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