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The champion of its kind. The king of all northern regions.

Yes, it is Ha Giang.

I have been to lots of mountainous areas in Vietnam (like Mu Cang Chai and Ta Xua), but none can top the overwhelming magnificence of Ha Giang. Such grandiosity can only be felt on the bike, and on the bike only. Even if (I believe) I had a wide or ultra-wide lens (and, please cast my amateur photography skills aside), I would not be able to capture such beauty in 4 corners.

Dangerous and breath-taking it is. The roads are overall “ride-able” but on some parts, it is extremely difficult to ride unless you’re experienced. I felt once here, leaving my knees painful bruises, but taking home plenty of driving experience.

Ha Giang is one of the very, very few destinations in Vietnam where I would definitely come back.

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All photos were shot on Canon 70D, retouched on Lightroom.

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