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I didn’t travel to Moc Chau for the sake of it. Moc Chau was only my rest stop to prepare for the most challenging trip in my life: Ta Xua.

Driving to Ta Xua was so dangerous that I thought I stopped breathing for nearly an hour. Ta Xua is not far from Bac Yen (only 13 km), but it took us an hour to get there. The roads are full of huge, sharp rocks. On your left, you face a bottomless cliff above which the cloud is hanging. On your right, you face a mountain and (thousands of) twists and turns, after which you’re (very often) encountered by a huge truck at a high speed. If you want to feel the quote “you only live once”, try this trip.

But of course, the sweat and tears paid off. Moc Chau and Ta Xua are pleasantly and culturally beautiful. I went on the rainy season so I didn’t get a chance to witness the holistic view of Dino Back (Song Lung Khung Long) – one of the most famous attractions of Ta Xua. But I think being back alive and typing these words for you is rewarding enough for me.

I wrote a review of the full trip if your adventurous blood is triggered by the photos below here.

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