About me

Strip me off of my glamorous-but-tiring-af title as Growth Lead at Unstatic, former Sales Intern at P&G, and I am left with a deep interest in technology and a tendency to be socially connected.

I believe that technology will help humans unlock and fulfill their own potentials. You might say, though, that technology, after all, is created by humans. I don’t deny, I just want to add that it is, in fact, created, monitored and developed by a small number of elite humans whose brains function differently from other people.

And with my affection for social communications, I want to become the bridge between technology [created by elites] and all other people. In order to complete such mission, I’m slowly learning to understand the user experience and expand the reach of awesome products.

When I’m not busily (but happily) following my passion, you will often find me tinkering with the photos taken from my Nikon D600 or iPhone 8 Plus, eating steak, drinking milk coffee or playing Jump It Up (level 6) at a shopping mall. Usually not at the same time.

In fact, if we do happen to come across each other, I’m always happy to sit down and pick your brain. Although my pragmatism will make you feel distant at first, I just want to let you know that I’m trying my best to connect with you on a very, very personal level.

Except when you prefer Android to iOS.

We’re gonna have a hard time.

Drop me a line or email me if you want to talk shop in private. Ciao!

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