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Yo, I’m Tuan (/twan/)!

I rarely talk about myself in public (not that I’m an introvert, no), but since you’ve come all the way here, you deserve to know something you’ll not find on my LinkedIn page or my social media presence.

The beauty (or should I say the fragility) of the human mind and emotion is irresistible to me.

That’s why I love being involved in human-facing activities. Example? I spent my entire high-school years practicing and performing close-up magic. I’ve talked with hundreds of customers during the past few years (spanning across 4 jobs of multiple industries). The fact is you’ll almost certainly find a picture of myself with (many) somebody else on the Internet.

When I say that being around people gives me energy, what I truly mean is the act of putting together people’s gestures, words, and thoughts to truly understand them is hypnotizing to me. Each human is a colorful, always-changing puzzle that can never be solved but is full of hints to play around with.

If we meet, my pragmatism will make you feel distant at first, that’s for sure (and I’m still workin’ on ‘at). But I just want to let you know that I’m trying my best to connect with you on a very, very personal level.

Drop me a line or email me if you want to talk shop in private. Ciao!


Product Manager @ Shopee.

Hobbies: Trekking, Archery, Shooting, Badminton, Traveling, Writing, Billiards, Lifting, Photographing, Chess-ing,