About me

Yo, I’m Tuan (/twan/)!

Welcome to tuanmon.com, where I share my opinions about awesome technology stuff that I believe will help improve your attention, energy and time management skills (a.k.a your productivity)

You may wonder: why I started this blog?

From my experience, a lot of (great) tech startups have quite a limited marketing budget in the early days. Therefore, their (great, too) products often remain unknown to the public.

Also, product design-wise, the most advanced (and often the most interesting) features of a product are not clearly exposed to everyone, because only power users would care.

This gap between the developers and normal users propelled me to start this blog, a podcast, and a YouTube channel (yeah!)

When I’m not busily (but happily) following my passion, you will often find me tinkering with the photos taken from my Nikon D600 or iPhone 8 Plus, eating steak, drinking milk coffee or playing Jump It Up (level 7) at a shopping mall. Usually not at the same time.

In fact, if we do happen to come across each other, I’m always happy to sit down and pick your brain.

Although my pragmatism will make you feel distant at first, I just want to let you know that I’m trying my best to connect with you on a very, very personal level.

Except when you prefer Android to iOS.

We’re gonna have a hard time.

Drop me a line or email me if you want to talk shop in private. Ciao!


Product Manager @ Holistics.io. Ex-P&G. Ex-Growth lead @ Habitify & Summerian.

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