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Hi, I’m Tuan Nguyen!

I am a Product Manager with 4+ YOE building B2B & B2C products in eCommerce, Data Analytics & Health Care industries.

Where I’ve Worked

2022 - Now
Product Manager - Marketplace @ Shopee SG
2020 - 2022
Product Manager @ Holistics
2017 - 2020
Product Growth Lead @ Unstatic


Work Experience

End-to-end product development process

At Holistics, I led the Self-service squad to build strategic features related to data visualization, exploration and calculation, which helped the company win high-ACV prospects.

  • Built key self-service features from concept to launch
  • Increased user engagement by nearly 10% YoY by improving key features’ visibility up to 30%

Data visualizations

Built various types of Geo Maps (Point, Filled, Heat) and a system of Custom Charts to accommodate specific business needs

Data exploration

Built interactive dashboard features: Cross-filtering, Drill-through, Parent-child Filters, Date Drill,…

Data Calculation

Built data aggregation tools for users to get better insights: Period-over-period comparison, Running Total

Product Marketing

I grew a B2C app from 500k to 1M downloads within 1 year

App Store Optimizations

Improved app ranking for niche-related keywords in Japan (top 1), Korea (top 1) and the United States (top 10) by A/B testing keywords in app title, subtitle and description

Outbound Marketing

  • Acquired new users and retained churned users using Facebook Ads and Apple SearchAds with low CPI and ROI of 15%
  • 2nd, 4th and 5th Product of The Day launch on Product Hunt

User conversion & retention

  • Increased 1-day in-app retention rate by 21% QoQ using notifications, emails and retargeting ads
  • Increased in-app sign up rate from 30.9% to 47.8% by improving onboarding content and minimizing user flow

Founder @ Many One Percents

Many One Percents is the first ecosystem of blogs, podcasts, and newsletters about Tech and Productivity in Vietnam. Founded in 2019.

  • I grew my main blog from 0 to 10,000 visits/month. North-star metric: Average session duration – increased 20% YoY.
    Achieved #1 ranking on Google Vietnam for productivity keywords: Zettelkasten, Habit trackers, Note taking apps.
  • I grew my newsletter from 0 to ~5,000 subscribers within  less than 2 years

Technical skills

Where I put my Python, HTML & CSS skills into good use

Billboard 100 to Spotify Playlist

On my best friend’s 24th birthday, I built a small Python program to scrape all the top 100 songs being played the week he was born, and then to create a Spotify playlist of those songs.

The program used BeautifulSoup and Spotipy modules.You can check out my program on my Github page over here.

Automate -> Google Sheet

I’ve built a small program to scrape all the desired hotels on, compare them to our budget, and list them nice and tidy in a Google Sheet form.

Check out my project on my Github.

File Organizer

A program that will run periodically to bring all the files of the same type into the same folder for a cleaner workspace!

Download this program (yes, it’s downloadable and executable) on my Github!

Let’s get in touch,

shall we?


For sharing awesome job positions, please message me via LinkedIn.


For any inquiries related to collaboration with Many One Percents, please reach out to me via email.